Important Notice

Driving to School

Each year many Year 12 students and a few Year 11 students turn 18 years of age.  This can be an exciting event for students and, for many, foremost in their minds is obtaining their driver’s licence.

However, many schools have suffered the tragedy of car accidents and student deaths.  We consider it our highest priority to protect the lives of our students and their passengers.  So, Gladstone Park has a process which students must adhere to prior to commencing driving to school.

  • Students are required to obtain a form that outlines the simple rules which must be followed.  These forms are available from the Senior School Manager, Mrs Burns.
  • The student must take this form home, complete it, have it signed by a parent and then return it to school.
  • The student is then required to make an appointment with the Senior School Principal, where expectations related to driving to school will be made clear to the student.
  • A Gladstone Park “Permission to Drive to School” card will then be issued to the student.
  • Only then may the student drive to school.

School community members need to be aware that the only permission which will be granted is for the student to drive themselves and their brothers or sisters to school.   It has been clearly proven that students who have other young people in the car tend to drive more erratically and dangerously.  If this rule is broken, both the driver and the passenger will be suspended.

While we have tried to keep these rules simple, any student who doesn’t comply with them will forfeit his/her right to drive to school.


Trevor Harrison
Principal: Senior School
Gladstone Park Secondary College

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