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Select Entry Accelerated Learning


The SELECT ENTRY ACCELERATED LEARNING program is designed to cater for the special educational needs of gifted and highly able students. Gladstone Park is proud to be a member of The Association of Accredited SEAL Schools. We work with this network of schools to provide a high quality program that meets the needs of our highly able students.


Students in the SEAL program experience the full breath of curriculum offered at the college, however, they move through their learning at a faster pace. This method of curriculum acceleration is called telescoping. Telescoping is when a group of students complete several years of the school’s curriculum in less time. For example, Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 are completed in a total of three, rather than four years. In a ‘telescoped’ curriculum material is not ‘skipped’ but students move more speedily through all material. In this way, the needs of gifted and high potential students are met by eliminating repetition and considerably increasing the pace of instruction.

In Year 10 SEAL students normally study up to two VCE subjects.  By the completion of Year 12 all SEAL students will have the maximum number of VCE subjects from which their ATAR is then calculated.



  • Closing dates for applications (including payment) Friday 7th May 2021
  • SEAL testing day Saturday 15th May 2021 at the school


SEAL brochure available to view  Click here

SEAL Information for parents  Click here 


To register for the SEAL testing Click on the link below:


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