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10 Active Girls

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What the Course is about:

“Active Girls” aims to give girls the skills and knowledge to pursue active and healthy lives. It focuses on issues relating to exercise and nutrition in relation to good health and aims to enable students to make informed decisions about their own exercise and eating patterns.


What the Course Covers:
  • Physical, social and mental health benefits of regular participation in physical activity
  • The increased health risks associated with poor nutrition
  • Government initiatives to improve health including The Australian National Physical Activity Guidelines
  • Current levels of physical activity in Australia
  • Barriers to participation in physical activity
  • Myths associated with fitness and training
  • Body image
  • Nutrition for good health/Healthy Living Pyramid/Dietary Guidelines for Australians
  • Factors influencing food

The theoretical component of this subject will account for about 60% of lessons with practical lessons accounting for the other 40%. The focus of practical sessions will largely be based on ‘lifestyle’ activities rather than competitive sports.

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