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Science at Gladstone Park Secondary College teaches students how the world works. The branches of science covered include Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Psychology, Geology, Astronomy and Ecology.

Science at junior levels of yr 7 – 10, cover the breadth of the science branches. Practical work is a very important component of the science curriculum and provides students with the opportunity to develop hands on skills using science equipment and provides a multi-modal approach to learning scientific concepts.

At year 10 the College offers specialised Science subjects: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Each of these subjects are one semester long and students have the option to take all three of these.

At VCE, science runs four subjects. These are Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology. Each of these subjects runs over 4 units, with Unit 1 and 2 typically completed in year 11 and Unit 3 and 4 in year 12. Practical work is also an important component of VCE science and at times, classes will attend excursions to facilities to use their equipment.

The science faculty ran its inaugural NASA space camp to the USA in 2019. 18 students attended and travelled to Orlando, Florida and Huntsville, Alabama. Some highlights of the camp included watching the launch of Falcon Heavy, live from the Kennedy Space Centre and attending the live-in week long camp at the NASA rocket centre.


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