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School Vision and Values

Gladstone Park Secondary College’s vision is to provide a first-class education for local students, exceeding that of its non-government counterparts and that is safe and supportive for all students. Gladstone Park aims to equip students with the necessary tools to succeed through high school and beyond in whatever pathway they choose. Gladstone Park challenges students with high expectations in all areas of school life. Extra-Curricular programs offered at Gladstone Park aim to enrich the learning culture and make coming to school an enjoyable and safe experience for all.


The values of the school community are to ‘be respectful’, ‘be a learner’ and ‘be safe’.  Students at Gladstone Park Secondary College will be expected to demonstrate respect for themselves, others and the school. Demonstrating respect means being polite, thoughtful and considerate when working with others and representing the school.  Being a learner means being actively engaged with and taking responsibility for one’s own learning.  It means being curious and open to new ideas.  At Gladstone Park Secondary College students will learn to be safe and value the safety of others.  Our concept of safety extends beyond physical safety and safety from intolerance and discrimination.  All students will feel supported and included in learning environments, enabling them to thrive and achieve their goals.    


The school vision and values inform our approach to teaching and learning, underpinning procedures and policies which foster an inclusive and productive school climate.  Teachers have an opportunity to understand and discuss our vision and values during induction into the college and receive annual reminders via an updated Quick Reference Guide and school commencement workshops at the beginning of each school year.  Students learn about our vision and values during teaching and learning programs such as pastoral care and respectful relationships, and also during college activities such as assemblies and awards ceremonies.  In 2020 the college began implementing Positive Behaviours for Learning (PBL), also know as School Wide Positive Behaviour Support in other government schools.  The PBL implementation team is leading staff, students, parents and carers on a process of understanding how we can enact our values and achieve our school vision.  This involves ongoing consultation, training and reflection with all members of our school community.    

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