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Digital Media

Digital Media at Gladstone Park Secondary College encourages students to develop and explore their creative and analytical skills through a variety of media forms (Photography, Film and Animation).

At year 9 the college offers one specialised subject: Digital Media. This provides students the ability to produce and analyse media products across animation, film and photography.

At year 10 the college offers two specialised Digital Media subjects: Media and Photography. These aim to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to complete VCE Digital Media subjects, including VCE Media and VCE Art Making and Exhibiting (Photography). In these subjects students will gain analytical skills regarding professional photographers and filmmakers, before embarking on their own production, including a folio of Photographic works (Year 10 Photography) and two short films (Year 10 Media).

In VCE Art Making and Exhibiting: Photography students undertake the studio process and produce photographic folios.  They acquire and apply theoretical knowledge discussed in class regarding a range of photo media artists and photography practice. Students borrow photographic equipment and lighting to explore and develop an array of conceptual ideas.  Their explorations develop into complete photographic pieces whilst, they will understand the link in producing industry standard work. Throughout Art Making and Exhibiting: Photography students focus on digital methods of capture (DSLR camera’s and specialty lenses) and learn computer techniques using Adobe Photoshop to aid their conceptual development.

In VCE Media students learn about how the media industry (film, television, social media, print, photography, video games) functions across society, including the key role it plays in shaping and framing issues, as well as how media producers (filmmakers and online media creators) use techniques to produce their own works. Students then take this knowledge and apply it to the production of their own short films, covering themes and content from their own imagination, through the use of media equipment (DSLR cameras, LED lights, microphones) and software (Premiere Pro, Vegas Movie Studio).

The faculty also offers a wide variety of incursions, exhibitions, excursions and entrance to a variety of competitions. This provides students with an immersive experience in the Digital Media field, helping them to put their knowledge and skills into a wider context. These events range from:

  • 2022 Art, Digital Media & Technology Exhibition: Showcase of best photographic, short film and animated products
  • 2022 Gloscars: Festival showcase of best short films
  • ACMI: Range of digital media excursions for Year 9-12 students, including Top Screens and Top Arts
  • Year 10 (Melbourne by design excursion): Photographic exploration of the city
  • Year 11 (Day & Night Excursion): Students visit galleries and capture night photography focusing on light trails and movement.
  • Year 12 (Gallery Visit to the National Gallery of Victoria)
  • Year 11 and 12: Media excursion to ACMI to view Top Screen Films.


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