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At Gladstone Park Secondary College English is about encouraging students to grasp deeper meaning behind literature and rhetoric, and to critically think about the issues of the world in which they live. We challenge students to consider the world through many lenses, and to aim for greater self-expression through eloquent written and spoken communication.

English is a mandatory subject for all students from 7-12 and within each year we focus on a range of skills including; creative and persuasive writing, analysing and comparing a range of text types, developing vocabulary and language, and communication skills.

At the 7-9 levels we offer select students a range of further English subjects designed to help students improve their basic English skills such as grammar, vocabulary, reading and comprehension. These include English Reading for Years 7-9, and English Enhancement for Years 7-8.

In Year 10 we offer the semester-long elective Extra English. The Extra English curriculum is designed to mirror the skills of the Year 10 English course, providing students with more opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge before entering into Senior English. 

At the Senior level we offer Units 1-4 of VCE English for all students, or the Literacy classes for our VCAL students. Our VCE English curriculum is designed to best prepare students for their VCAA exams at the end of Year 12, and builds students confidence in analysing texts at an advanced academic level, and communicating their ideas with sophistication.

We also offer English Literature from Years 10-12. In Year 10 students can choose literature as a semester-long elective, which prepares them with the skills to continue into Literature in their Senior Years. The Literature units can be selected as an alternative to the English course, or students can choose to study both.

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