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Inclusive Learning

Inclusive education results in students being able to access and fully participate in learning, alongside their similar-aged peers, supported by reasonable adjustments and teaching strategies tailored to meet their individual needs.

At Gladstone Park Secondary College, our goal is to support all students so that they have access to the curriculum. Given the diversity in our student body, we plan our teaching and learning to respond to each student’s learning need.

Most of these needs can be accommodated in regular classroom teaching, however some needs are best addressed with additional learning support. This type of intervention can ensure that a student is able to move forward with their learning.

Gladstone Park Secondary College offers the Inclusion Program for Diverse Learners (Students with Disabilities) to ensure that student needs are supported.

Inclusion Program for Diverse Learners (Students with Disabilities)

The Inclusion Program provides support for students with a range of special needs who receive government funding for this purpose. Students with a disability who are not funded can also be enrolled into the program.

The program is coordinated by a teacher with a qualification in special education. Funded students and students with a high-level of need may be assisted in the classroom by a team of experienced learning support officers.

Students in the program may receive the following supports:

  • Individual Learning Plans
    • Students with additional needs may be assigned an individual learning plan. This plan provides teachers with a snapshot of the student and their learning needs as well as teaching strategies to bolster student learning. Three goals are set out in the plan, these goals focus on numeracy, literacy and Learning disposition.
  • Learning Support Officers
    • The college currently employees a number of experienced learning support officers who are trained to assist students who are diagnosed with a range of disabilities. Learning support officers can offer 1:1 assistance and/or support small groups of students in the classroom.
  • Access to Speech and OT services
    • The college currently contracts DeeWardrop Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy to provide allied health support to students and to conduct assessments when deemed necessary. Students who access to these services can continue with these services outside the college if they choose to. We currently have two speech pathologists and two Occupational Therapists working on site. Please note that this service is by referral only.


  • Access to School Psychologist
    • The college currently has an onsite psychologist who can assist with counselling and assessment. Please note that this service is by referral only.

The Inclusion Office is located in room C4. Further information can be obtained by making an appointment with the Disability and Inclusion Leader.

The college also runs a number of remedial programs. Students with or without a disability may be enrolled into these programs based on their level of need. These programs include:

Reading Program

Students who are identified as requiring additional support with their reading fluency and decoding skills (ability to accurately lift the words from the page) may be enrolled into our Reading Program, this program runs in Years 7, 8 and 9. These remedial classes target decoding skills such as letter-sound correspondence and blending. As they progress through this program, students read increasingly more difficult material with accuracy and fluency. Students who are selected to attend this program will do so in place of their LOTE class. 

Literacy Enhancement

Students who are identified as requiring additional support in both reading comprehension and writing may be enrolled into our Literacy Enhancement program. This program runs in Year 7, 8 and 9. These remedial classes focus of improving a student’s ability to decode information that is presented to them in various text types (eg: novels) and respond to prompts to show their understanding of the material provided. As students progress through this program, they are introduced to more complex material. Students who are selected to attend this program will do so in place of their LOTE class. 

Numeracy Program

The Numeracy Enhancement Program at Gladstone Park Secondary College runs for a selected group of Year 9 students to boost their ability in relation to ‘real-world mathematics’. These students are selected based on data collected in Year 8. The Numeracy Enhancement Program is a remedial program that runs in addition to, and alongside Year 9 mainstream, for 4 periods per week. The students are supported through areas of study with practical, hands-on activities where possible, basic number skills, assignments, assessment preparation and summary sheets.

Tutoring Program

The college offers afterschool tutoring sessions in the areas of Humanities, Science, English and Mathematics. These tutorials are run by teachers and are open to all students, students can also be enrolled into the program by their teachers if it is determined that they need extra assistance. Sessions run afterschool from 3.10. Please see tutoring timetable to determine the runtime of sessions.

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