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Performing Arts

Gladstone Park Secondary College has a vast and vibrant Performing Arts department, offering students a variety of options from classroom elective subjects to extra-curricular endeavours. Students experience many opportunities to perform live at our annual events, including;


Hot Rockin’

Vocal Festival

Sounds of Solstice


VCE Music Night

Springtime Vocal Soiree

Curtain Call


Year 7 Performing Arts

All Year 7 students, apart from those involved in the 7 Band program, participate in a semester of Drama and a semester of Music. Throughout their studies in Drama, students explore the use of Expressive Skills in devised performance pieces, as well as various Elements of Drama through their study of Commedia dell’Arte. Throughout their studies in Music, students learn skills in rhythmic and melodic transcription, compositional techniques in application to a task based on Dreamtime stories, as well as applying new skills in reading music to prepare for a live performance on piano.

Year 7 Band

The Year 7 Band program consists of 2 band classes, each running with a full array of instruments, allocated to individual students to learn for the duration of the year. Students attend 2 classes a week with their band, as well as being scheduled in for a half hour lesson once a week with their instrumental specialist. Students apply for the Year 7 Band program during the enrolment process at Year 6 level. Students are notified of acceptance into the program prior to the commencement of the following school year.

Year 9 & 10 Elective subjects in the Performing Arts

Students in Year 9 and Year 10 have the option to choose to study one or all of the Performing Arts across Drama, Music and Dance. Throughout Middle Years Drama, students learn skills in playmaking to create devised performances in both ensemble and solo settings, incorporating knowledge of various practitioners and performance styles. Throughout Middle Years Music, students cover a range of skills in listening, composition and performances in both solo and group settings, whilst incorporating genre-based focus areas. Throughout Middle Years Dance, students study the skills, techniques and processes of learning devised dance and choreographing their own works, incorporating dance techniques as well as inspiration from different viewpoints that exist in our society.

VCE subjects

Gladstone Park Secondary College currently offers both Music and Drama at VCE level. Students engage in a rigorous program involving a broad combination of theory and practical-based skills. Throughout studies in Music, students will engage in a combination of both solo and group performances on their instrument of choice, by the time they reach Units 3 & 4 students are required to specialise in one or the other. Throughout studies in Drama, students engage in a combination of play analysis, ensemble performance, and solo performance. Both Music and Drama require students to complete an externally marked exam at the conclusion of Unit 4, as well as the written exams during the scheduled exam period.

Instrumental Music Program

Concurrent with students’ studies in the classroom, they can also choose any combination of Instrumental Music options. Our school offers specialised tuition in brass, woodwind, piano, bass, guitar, drums, and vocals. Students can engage as an individual learner, as well as join any of our ensemble options, including Senior Concert Band, Soul Band, Rock Bands, and Pop Chorus. Lessons occur once a week for half an hour, on a rotating timetable so as to reduce disturbances to learning in other subjects.

Whole School Musical

Gladstone Park Secondary College prides itself on its annual musical. Students are given the opportunity to audition and commit to weekly rehearsals leading up to a large-scale performance that occurs in our very own theatre. Our school has seen some amazing talent hit the stage, with staff and students receiving nominations for various Music Theatre Guild awards. With the recent addition of the annual school musical camp, the excitement grows more and more each year.

Some musicals our school has performed in the past include:

Guys and Dolls (2019)

The Addams Family (2018)

Legally Blonde (2017)

Westside Story (2016)

Seussical the Musical (2015)

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