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10 Drama

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Studies in Drama will equip students with knowledge, skills and confidence to communicate as individuals and collaboratively in social and work-related contexts. There isn’t an occupation on the planet that doesn’t benefit from a background in Drama.

By the end of Level 10, students:

  • develop and sustain different roles and characters to realise dramatic intentions and engage audiences
  • perform devised and scripted drama in different forms, styles and performance spaces
  • plan, direct, produce, rehearse and refine performances
  • select and use the elements of drama, narrative and structure in directing and acting and apply stagecraft
  • use performance and expressive skills to convey dramatic action and meaning
  • analyse the elements of drama, forms and performance styles and evaluate meaning and aesthetic effect in drama they devise, interpret, perform and view
  • use experiences of drama practices from different cultures, places and times to evaluate drama
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