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10 Media

Course Description:

The course gives students an introduction to the media industry, including:

  • Film analysis (narrative and genre)
  • Looking at the role of the mass media across the globe (video games, print, film, television, advertising, social media)
  • Producing two short media productions (horror trailer and short film)


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What You Will Learn:

Students will analyse two films, including how they are made by professional filmmakers. They will also plan, shoot and edit two short films, learning how to use video production equipment (DSLR cameras, LED lights, audio recorders/microphones) and video editing software (Premiere Pro, After Effects and/or Sony Vegas). Finally, students will study key areas of the global media industry, as well as how the mass media shapes the world around us, by looking at a range of media forms (video games, films, television, social media, online/ digital media, print and photography).



Ranging from written to practical assessments, including:

  • Study of two films (narrative and genre)
  • Analysis of mass media impact(s) on society
  • Students produce two short video productions (horror trailer and short film)
  • End of semester examination


Please note: A materials charge of $10 is attached to this subject

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