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10 Photography

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Course Description:

In this elective students will be given the opportunity to explore the nature of digital photography, with the opportunity to expand their photographic knowledge and technical skills. Photography students are encouraged to be imaginative and creative in their work and are guided through demonstrations, projects and discussions.  Students will use DSLR cameras combined with Photoshop in order to enhance their images.


What You Will Learn:

The core focus of this semester is to learn the basics in camera operation and to achieve a variety of techniques (shooting in full manual mode). Students will complete their photographic projects mainly on school grounds during designated class time. They will also learn basic Adobe Photoshop skills in order to  improve and enhance their images.



Students will submit photography projects surrounding composition, art elements and art principles and a technical project focused on creating movement and deliberate blur. The theoretical aspect focuses on writing a visual analysis and researching an influential photographer. Students will finish Year 10 Photography with an end of semester examination.


Please note: A materials charge of $30 is attached to this subject

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