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VCE Accounting

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VCE Accounting focuses on the financial recording, reporting and decision-making processes of a sole proprietor small business. Students study both theoretical and practical aspects of Accounting by using both manual and ICT methods. Students will apply their knowledge to a range of business situations and make decisions based on both ethical and financial considerations.

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Unit 1: Role of accounting in business
  • The role of accounting
  • Recording financial data and reporting accounting information for a service business
Unit 2: Accounting and decision-making for a trading business
  • Accounting for inventory
  • Accounting for and managing accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Accounting for and managing non-current assets
Unit 3: Financial accounting for a trading business
  • Recording and analysing financial data
  • Preparing and interpreting accounting reports
Unit 4: Recording, reporting, budgeting and decision-making 
  • Extension of recording and reporting
  • Budgeting and decision-making
  • Apply theoretical knowledge to actual and simulated situations
  • Discuss factors affecting the level of success or failure of a business
  • Discuss ethical considerations faced by business owners when making business decisions.
  • Identify, classify and record financial data manually and through the use of ICT
  • Use ICT, including spreadsheets, to construct appropriate graphical representations


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  • Economics
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