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VCE Business Management

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VCE Business Management examines the life cycle of a business – planning, establishing, managing and transforming. Students will assess and analyse business decisions and their impact on achieving business objectives.

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Unit 1 – Planning a Business
  • The Business Idea
  • The External Environment
  • The Internal Environment
Unit 2 – Establishing a Business
  • Legal requirements and Financial considerations
  • Marketing a Business
  • Staffing a Business
Unit 3 – Managing a Business
  • Business Foundations
  • Managing Employees
  • Operations Management


Unit 4 – Transforming a Business
  • Reviewing Performance – The Need for Change
  • Implementing Change
  • Describe and apply relevant business management concepts and terms
  • Research and analyse contemporary business case studies
  • Propose, analyse and evaluate management strategies
  • Interpret lay performance indicators to assess business performance
  • Consider the social responsibility issues in managing a business


Associated subjects
  • Accounting
  • VET Business Administration


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