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VCE Computing/Software Development

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Computing (Information Technology) encompasses how information systems are used to interact, create, and exchange structured information, write programs and develop solutions.  IT focuses on how the needs of individuals, organisations, communities and society are met through the combination of ICT and meaningful information.

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Unit 1 – Applied Computing
  • Focus on the application of data to create digital solutions using spreadsheet software to perform functions that result in data visualisations
  • Design and develop a solution using a programming language


Unit 2 – Applied Computing
  • Plan, design and develop an innovative solution. Student’s solutions will address an investigation in to a technical or social issue.
  • Examine the design and technical aspects of a secure network including security and network diagrams.


Unit 3 – Software Development
  • Interpret designs and apply a range of functions and techniques using a programming language.


Unit 4 – Software Development
  • Create a solution using a programming language that fulfils requirements and assesses the effectiveness of the solution.




Unit 3 – Data Analytics
  • Access, select and extract authentic data from large repositories. Manipulate the data to present findings as data visualisations.
  • Individually, determine and propose a research question and collect and analyse data.


Unit 4 – Data Analytics
  • Develop the design prepared in Unit 3, into infographics or dynamic data visualisations that address a research topic or question by applying the problem-solving stages of development and evaluation.
  • Focus on data and information security and its importance to an organisation. Students investigate security strategies used by an organisation to manage the storage, communication and disposal of data and information in their networked environment.


Students may elect to undertake one or both of these Unit 3 and 4 sequences. If there are not adequate numbers to run both sequences, then Software Development will run.


  • Problem Solving
  • Designing and developing solutions
  • Programming
  • Cyber Security
  • Interpreting data and requirements


Associated subjects
  • Applied Computing
  • Software Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Mathematics
  • English


“Computing (Information Technology)” is considered a folio subject for selection purposes.

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