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VCE Economics

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VCE Economics investigates how individuals and businesses behave and the decisions they make in relation to satisfying their needs and wants. Economic problems are examined and policies for rectifying these problems are evaluated.

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Unit 1 – The Behaviour of Consumers and Business
  • Thinking like an Economist
    • Economics has an effect on everyone, irrespective of background.
  • Decision Making in Markets
    • The Australian economy uses the market-based system to allocate resources.
Unit 2 – Contemporary Economic Issues
  • Economic Growth, Long-Term Economic Prosperity and Environmental Sustainability
    • The meaning and importance of economic growth and its effect on material and non-material living standards.
  • Economic Efficiency and Equity
    • Examination of how income and opportunity are distributed between individuals and groups within society.
  • Economic Efficiency and Equity
    • The importance of efficient allocation of resources and how fairly income and opportunity are distributed between individuals and groups within society.


Unit 3 – Australia’s Economic Prosperity 
  • An introduction to Microeconomics
    • The Market System, Resource Allocation and Government Intervention.
  • Domestic Macroeconomic Goals
    • The Australian Government’s has domestic macroeconomic goals of low inflation, strong and sustainable economic growth and full employment.
  • Australia and the World Economy


Unit 4 – Managing the Economy
  • Aggregate Demand Policies and Domestic Economic Stability
  • Aggregate Supply Policies


  • Define economic terms and concepts
  • Apply economic theory to real or hypothetical circumstances
  • Construct, interpret and apply economic models
  • Analyse economic data


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  • Mathematics
  • Business Management
  • Accounting


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