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VCE English Literature

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If you love English, and are good at it, Literature is an excellent subject to continue to develop your writing and analytical skills.

The pen is mightier than the sword! The study of literature focuses on the enjoyment and appreciation of reading that arises from discussion, debate and the challenge of exploring the meanings of literary texts. Students reflect on their interpretations and those of others. The study of literature encourages independent and critical thinking in students.

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Unit 1 
  • Analyse the ways both print and non-print texts have been created and how they present the ideas and experiences of the characters.
  • Analyse and respond creatively to the ways in which the set texts explore the ideas of individuals and groups.


Unit 2 
  • Explore the relationships between the text, readers and their social and cultural contexts.
  • Compare the similarities and differences between a text and its adaptation.


Unit 3
  • Adaptations and Transformations – discuss how the meaning of a written text is kept or altered when the text is changed or adapted in some way, for example, in performance.
  • Creative responses to texts – respond creatively to a text and comment on the connections between texts.


Unit 4
  • Literary Perspectives – produce an interpretation of a text using different literary perspectives.
  • Close Analysis – analyse features and develop and justify interpretations of texts.


  • Analyse features of a text
  • Develop and justify interpretations
  • Use literacy perspectives to inform an interpretation of a text


Associated subjects
  • English
  • History
  • Global Politics


Literature  is part of the English group The minimum English requirement for VCE is three units from the English group, including a Unit 3–4 sequence.

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