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VCE Food Studies

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VCE Food Studies is designed to build the capacities of students to make informed food choices. Students develop their understanding of food while acquiring skills that enable them to take greater ownership of their food decisions and eating patterns.

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Unit 1 – Food origins

Area of Study 1: Food around the World

This area focuses on:

  • Food from historical and cultural perspectives
  • How humanity historically sourced its food
  • General progression from hunter-gatherer to rural based agriculture, to today’s global trade in food

Area of Study 2: Food in Australia

Students look at:

  • Australian Indigenous food
  • How the food patterns have changed
  • The influence of food production, processing and manufacturing industries and immigration


Unit 2 – Food makers

Area of Study 1: The Food Industries

They investigate:

  • Various food industries
  • Current and future challenges and opportunities
  • Create new products with a focus on the design process

Area of Study 2: Food in the Home

Students look at:

  • Food in the home and small-scale production
  • Design and adapt recipes to suit a range of dietary requirements


Unit 3 – Food in daily life

Area of study 1: The Science of Food

This area focuses on:

  • The science of food
  • Physiology of eating and microbiology of digesting
  • Food intolerances, allergies and the microbiology of food contamination

Area of Study 2: Food Choice, Health and Wellbeing

Students focus on:

  • Food choice, health and wellbeing
  • Developing healthy meals suitable to children and families


Unit 4 – Food issues, challenges and futures

Area of Study 1: Environment and ethics

Students will:

  • Address debates concerning Australian and global food systems
  • Investigate issues concerning the environment and ethics and their influence on feeding a growing population

Area of Study 2: Navigating food information

This area focuses on:

  • Navigating food information
  • Assessing information and navigating contemporary food fads, trends and diets


  • Time management
  • Organisation
  • Practical food skills
  • Analysis and research-based skills
  • Teamwork


Associated subjects
  • Health and Human Development
  • Physical Education
  • Biology
  • Psychology


Unit 1 & 2 – A $180 materials charge is attached to this subject

Unit 3 & 4 – A $160 materials charge is attached to this subject


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