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VCE Geography

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Geography develops knowledge and skills that enable understanding of the complex interactions of the world from a spatial perspective. Learn to participate effectively as global citizens in the sustainable use and management of the world’s resources.

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Unit 1: Hazards and disasters 
  • Investigate two contrasting types of hazards and the responses to them.
  • Investigate hazard causes and impacts, human responses to hazard events and interconnections between human activities and natural phenomena.
  • How people have responded to specific types of hazards, including attempts to reduce vulnerability to, and the impact of, hazard events.


Unit 2: Tourism
  • Investigate the characteristics of tourism, emphasis on where it has developed, its various forms, how it has changed and continues to change, it’s impact on people, places and environments
  • Investigate contrasting examples of tourism from within Australia and elsewhere in the world
  • A study of tourism at local, regional and global scales emphasises the interconnection within and between places.


Unit 3: Changing the land
  • Investigations of geographical change: change to land cover and change to land use.
  • Investigate three major processes that are changing land cover in many regions of the world


Unit 4: Human population – trends and issues 
  • Investigate the geography of human populations.
  • Explore the patterns of population change, movement and distribution.
  • Explore how governments, organisations and individuals have responded to those changes in different parts of the world.
  • Investigate significant population trends arising throughout the world.
  • Examine the dynamics of populations and their economic, social, political and environmental impacts


  • Undertake and understand the nature of fieldwork
  • Analyse, describe and explain significant geographical trends
  • Analyse, describe and explain processes that cause or contribute to geographical changes
  • Write reports based on fieldwork completed


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