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VCE Global Politics

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In this subject we look at global issues – terrorism, human rights, war, genocide – and attempt to understand how and why these events happen. We examine the current events happening, from Black Lives Matter protests, to Chinese cyberwarfare or the spread of Covid-19, asking how these events occurred and how to solve them.

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Unit 1
  • Students examine the concepts of democracy and dictatorships.
  • We research global examples – America, China and North Korea – to see the strengths and weaknesses of these approaches.
  • We look at political ideologies and extremism around the world, including liberalism, terrorism and white supremacy.


Unit 2
  • Students examine globalisation and the impact it has had on the world.
  • We learn about the major organisations of global politics: the UN, the IMF, and the ICC.
  • We examine case studies of organised crime, genocide, terrorism and war and discuss how the international community attempts to solve it.


Unit 3
  • We study the major actors of international politics and analyse: their power, interests, aims and effectiveness of their actions.
  • We study China’s actions in the Asia-Pacific region and analyse their interests, power and effectiveness.


Unit 4
  • Students look at ethical debates from global politics, including:
  • Is it acceptable to use Nuclear Weapons? Is terrorism ever acceptable? Should human rights be universal?
  • We examine the causes and proposed solutions to global crises of terrorism and war.


  • Define and explain key global politics terms and use them in the appropriate context
  • Investigate and explain the nature of particular global issues
  • Use detailed case studies to support analysis of global issues.
  • Analyse contemporary issues about and case studies of political actors
  • Develop explanations, arguments and points of view which use contemporary evidence and examples


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