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VCE Health & Human Development

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Throughout this study, students investigate health and human development in Australian and global communities. The factors that influence both health and human development in a variety of population groups are examined.

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Unit 1 – Understanding Health and Wellbeing
  • Learn about indicators that are used to measure health.
  • Look at a range of factors that influence health and use these to explain differences in the health of population groups within Australia.
  • Explore food and nutrition and their importance for good health and wellbeing
  • Identify major health issues affecting Australia’s youth and reflect on the causes of health inequalities
  • Learn about how governments and organisations develop and implement youth health programs


Unit 2 – Managing health and development
  • Investigate physical and social changes that occur in the transition from youth to adulthood
  • Consider the characteristics of respectful relationships
  • Investigate factors that contribute to health and development during the prenatal, infancy and early childhood lifespan stages
  • Learn how to access Australia’s health system and how it promotes health and wellbeing


Unit 3 – Australia’s Health in a Globalised World
  • Learn about the health of Australians
  • Look at different approaches to public health
  • Investigate the role of Australia’s health system and its role in promoting health
  • Investigate a successful health promotion campaign


Unit 4 – Health and human development in a global context
  • Look at similarities and differences in major causes of illness in low, middle and high income countries
  • Investigate a range of factors that contribute to health inequalities
  • Consider the global reach of product marketing
  • Investigate global trends in health and wellbeing
  • Learn about the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and the work of the World Health Organisation
  • Investigate the role of government and non-government organisations in providing foreign aid


  • Apply indicators used to measure health
  • Describe, analyse and explain a range of influences on health
  • Analyse and draw conclusions from health related data and information


Associated subjects
  • Physical Education
  • Food Technology
  • Geography


Students selecting Unit 1 and/or 2 Health and Human Development have the opportunity to participate in the “Baby Think it Over” parenting simulation designed to help understand the demands of caring for an infant.

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