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VCE Mathematical Methods

Is this subject available for acceleration? NO

Mathematical Methods consists of the following areas of study: Functions and Graphs, Algebra, Calculus, and Probability and Statistics.

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Units 1 and 2
  • Can be taken alone or in conjunction with Year 11 Further Mathematics or Year 11 Specialist Math Units 1 and 2
  • Designed for students who are intending to continue with VCE Mathematical Methods Units 3 and 4


Units 3 and 4
  • Can be taken alone or in conjunction with Year 12 Further Mathematics or Year 12 Specialist Math Units 3 and 4
  • Mathematical Methods Units 3 & 4 must be taken if doing Specialist Mathematics Units 3 & 4


A CAS Calculator is required for this subject


  • Students will cover the graphical representation of polynomial and power functions
  • Students will develop algebraic expression and represent functions, relations, equations and simultaneous equations
  • Students should be able define constant and average rates of change
  • Students will consider events as either impossible, certain, complementary, mutually exclusive, conditional and independent
  • Students will cover simple functional relations, inverse functions and the solution of equations


Associated subjects
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Specialist Mathematics
  • Further Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Systems Engineering


Year 10 Links
  • Year 10 Mathematical Methods
  • Year 10 Enhanced Mathematics


This is a prerequisite for some careers and you are strongly advised to seek guidance from Careers and your maths teacher when selecting the maths appropriate to your future career goals.

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