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VCE Physical Education

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Physical Education examines the biological, physiological, psychological, social and cultural influences on performance and participation in physical activity.  The study enables the integration of theoretical knowledge with practical application through participation in physical activities.

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Unit 1 – The Human Body in Motion
  • Learn about the systems of the body and how they work together to produce movement.
  • Learn how body systems adapt and adjust in response to physical activity
  • Learn about legal and illegal means of improving performance


Unit 2 – Physical activity, sport and society
  • Investigate the role of physical activity, sport and society in developing and promoting healthy lifestyles across the lifespan
  • Learn about contemporary issues associated with physical activity and sport


Unit 3 – Movement skills and energy for physical activity
  • Learn how biomechanical and skill acquisition principles can be used to improve movement skills used in physical activity and sport
  • Learn how the systems of the body work together to produce energy for physical activity


Unit 4 – Training to improve performance
  • Use data from an activity analysis to determine the fitness requirements of selected physical activities.
  • Design a training program using data collected from participating in fitness tests, implement and evaluate the training program


  • Perform, observe and analyse a variety of movements used in physical activity, sport and exercise
  • Describe the role of various body systems contribution to movement
  • Collect data and draw conclusions on factors that impact on physical activity and/or sport


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  • Health and Human Development
  • Biology
  • VET Sport and Recreation
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