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VCE Product Design & Technology: Wood

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In this subject students assume the role of a designer-maker. They will acquire and apply knowledge of factors that influence design.  Students will safely use a range of materials, tools, equipment and machines to transform these materials into useful products, while understanding the importance of environmental sustainability.

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Unit 1 – Sustainable product redevelopment
  • Sustainable redevelopment of a product – this unit focuses on the analysis, modification and improvement of a product design with consideration of the sustainability.
  • Producing and evaluating a redeveloped product – students refer to their working drawings and scheduled production plan, and apply a range of techniques and processes safely to make a redeveloped product.


Unit 2 – Collaborative design
  • Designing within a team – in this unit student’s work in teams to design and develop an item in a product range or contribute to the design, planning and production of a group product.
  • Producing and evaluating within the team – students apply knowledge and skill, techniques and processes, including risk management, to make their own product, designed in accordance with the team requirements


Unit 3 – Applying the design process
  • Design for end-user/s – students examine the product design process and develop skills in writing a design brief.
  • Product development in industry – focuses on factors, processes and systems that influence the design and development of products within industrial settings.
  • Designing for others – working as designers and applying the product design process to meet the needs of the end user/s.


Unit 4 – Product development and evaluation
  • Product analysis and comparison – students examine design factors that influence the success of commercially available products.
  • Product manufacture – this study focuses on the skills, production techniques and processes to make a product to suit the needs of an end user/s.
  • Product evaluation – this study focuses on evaluation criteria, the performance of checks and tests, and gaining end user/s feedback.


  • Investigating and defining
  • Design and development
  • Planning and production
  • Evaluation


Associated subjects
  • Mathematics
  • Science


Students may only choose one (1) Product Design and Technology subject.

Product Design and Technology – Wood is considered a folio subject for selection purposes.


Unit 1&2 – A $80 materials charge is attached to this subject

Unit 3&4 – A $80 materials charge is attached to this subject

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