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VCE Psychology

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Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour.

Units 1 and 2
  • How are behaviour and mental processes shaped
  • External influences of mental processes


Units 3 and 4
  • Experiences affecting behaviour and mental processes
  • How is wellbeing developed and maintained


  • Brain and nervous system functioning
  • Psychological development
  • Sensation and perception
  • Attitudes, prejudice & discrimination
  • Stress
  • Learning and memory
  • States of Consciousness – sleep
  • Mental health


  • Apply psychological models, theories and concepts to explain thoughts, emotions and behaviour
  • Develop a range of science investigation skills through experimental tasks
  • Apply research and ethical principles in the collection, analysis, evaluation and reporting of data
  • Communicate clearly and accurately using appropriate terminology and conventions


Associated subjects
  • Biology
  • Mathematics


Level of Maths advisable: Further Mathematics

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