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VCE Studio Arts (Art)

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Studio Art – Art is a folio subject that encourages creative potential and quality art work. Students develop an understanding of what a studio process is, on their journey to producing art work based on individual visual language through their own choice of medium, be that sculpture, textiles, painting, drawing, printing etc.

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Unit 1 – Studio Inspiration and Techniques
  • Identify sources of inspiration, artistic influences and aesthetic qualities.
  • Studio Practice – explores a range of materials and techniques. Experiment with visual effects producing at least one finished art work.
  • Discuss the way artists from different times and cultures interpreted ideas and inspiration.


Unit 2 – Studio Exploration and Concepts
  • Develop an individual Studio Process based on visual research and enquiry, beginning with an exploration proposal and ending with at least one art work.
  • Compare a range of historical and contemporary artists from different times and cultures.


Unit 3 – Studio Practices and Processes
  • Exploration proposal focusing on a framework for the development of themes and potential directions.
  • Studio Process includes refining ideas, materials and techniques and aesthetic qualities.
  • Artists and Studio Practices investigates the way artists interpret subject matter, aesthetic qualities, message and meaning and historical and cultural influences.


Unit 4 – Studio production and art industry contexts
  • Refinement and presentation of finished art works reflecting the Unit 3 process.
  • Visual and written documentation reflects the students’ progress in folio format.
  • Art Industry Contexts investigates established galleries with regards to environmental conditions and requirements where art works are displayed.


  • Analysis of contemporary art practices
  • Understanding of artists’ materials, techniques, and processes
  • Study of artworks from diverse historical and cultural contexts
  • Investigation of artists’ sources of inspiration and aesthetic qualities
  • Refinement of critical thinking skills


Associated subjects
  • Visual Communication Design
  • Materials and Systems
  • Textiles
  • Photography


Studio Art – Art is considered a folio subject for selection purposes.

Students may only choose one (1) Studio Art subject

Unit 1&2 – A $30 charge is attached to this subject

Unit 3&4 – A $30 charge is attached to this subject

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