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VCE Studio Arts (Photography)

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Students create and build a dedicated photographic portfolio resulting in the creation of final pieces. They will apply theoretical knowledge regarding a range of photo media artists and use photographic equipment to explore and develop a range of techniques. Students also study the art industry by attending a series of gallery inspired excursions.

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Unit 1: Folio Projects & Techniques
  • Students undertake a series of photographic projects.
  • Students explore a variety of camera techniques in order to expand on their photographic skill set.
  • Theory-based assessment comprises of written work surrounding artists from different time periods, as well as the rights of artists.


Unit 2: Exploration of Individual theme & One Artwork
  • Students explore their own photographic theme. They will collect artistic influences and develop individual ideas.
  • Students will expand on their camera/Photoshop skills obtained in Unit 1.


Unit 3: Folio Exploration & Art Practice
  • Students develop and define an area of creative exploration.
  • Students plan and apply a studio process to develop individual ideas.
  • Theory work includes an analysis surrounding artist’s work from different historical and cultural periods.
  • Students will visit galleries in order to further enhance their art industry knowledge.


Unit 4: Folio of Finished Artworks & Art Industry (Compulsory Gallery Visit)
  • Students refine and resolve their individual themes by creating and presenting photographic pieces.
  • Students evaluate the relationships between each piece.


  • Analysing a range of photographic works
  • Producing photographic works
  • Examining artworks in a gallery setting
  • Manipulating images via Photoshop


Associated subjects
  • Year 9 Digital Media
  • Year 10 Media
  • Year 10 Photography


Students may only choose one (1) Studio Art subject

“Studio Art – Photography” is considered a folio subject for selection purposes.

Unit 1&2 – A $150 materials charge is attached to this subject

Unit 3&4 – A $190 materials charge is attached to this subject


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