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VCE Visual Communication & Design

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Visual Communication is a bridge between an idea and its intended audience. VCD covers 3 fields of design: communication (graphic) design, industrial (product) design and environmental architecture design. In the field of Design, visual communicators use text and/or image to communicate information. VCD students start with a design brief and go through a design process to develop a final presentation in response to the brief.

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Unit 1 – Introduction to Visual Communication design
  • Drawing as a means of communication – create drawings for different purposes using a range of drawing methods, media and materials.
  • Design elements and design principles – select and apply design elements and design principles to create visual communications that satisfy stated purposes.
  • Visual communication design in context – describe how a visual communication has been influenced by past and contemporary practices, and by social and cultural factors.


Unit 2 – Applications of visual communication design
  • Technical drawing in context – create presentation drawings that incorporate relevant technical drawing conventions and effectively communicate information and ideas for a selected design field.
  • Type and imagery – manipulate type and images to create visual communications suitable for print and screen-based presentations, taking into account copyright.


Unit 3 – Design thinking and practice
  • Analysis and practice in context – create designs for specific contexts, purposes and audiences that are informed by their analysis of existing visual communications.
  • Design industry practice – describe how visual communications are designed and produced in the design industry and explain influencing factors
  • Developing a brief and generating ideas – apply design thinking skills in preparing a brief, research and generate a range of ideas. Experiment with media, methods and materials to create innovative design solutions.


Unit 4 – Design development and presentation
  • Development of design concepts – develop distinctly different design concepts for each need, and select and refine for each need a concept that satisfies each of the requirements of the brief.
  • Final presentations – produce final visual communication presentations that satisfy the requirements of the brief.


  • Develop skills in industrial, communication and environmental design fields
  • Technical drawing
  • Experiment with new techniques
  • Creative development
  • Innovation and design thinking
  • Explore new media and materials


Associated subjects
  • Studio Art – Art
  • Studio Art – Photography
  • Product Design and Technology


VCD is considered a folio subject for selection purposes.

Unit 1&2 – A $30 charge is attached to this subject

Unit 3&4 – A $30 charge is attached to this subject

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